Ana Inigo Olea artwork

"The great ambition of women is to inspire love" Molière.

Influenced primarily by her mother and grandfather, Ana began learnt from a young age how to create life on a blank paper using an array of materials, pencil and crayons, anything her mother had to hand. “I remember her copying the drawings from my kids books for me so I could bring them to school for all my classmates to enjoy, so I remember being at class surrounded by my moms drawings”
At every opportunity, young Ana ceased the moment to draw as much as possible. So much so that she often got into trouble and low grades as her teachers couldn’t believe a child so young could produce artwork so mature and defined. Still encouraged by her mother, Ana learnt to create alternative lives, worlds and people through her paintings – in effect a dream world, that only her and her blind grandfather shared. Narrating each drawing word by word to her grandfather, together they would spend hours touching, smelling and breathing life into each one.
The passing of her grandfather signaled a turn in Ana’s communication and creativity. She immediately became more introverted and leaned heavily towards replicating others works and stopped exploring that imaginary world she has created with her Grandfather. Losing such a strong connection to her talents, Ana spent her later years focusing on her studies and trying to conform to the techniques she was taught during art class. Despite her efforts, her focus always shifted towards a more abstract portrait style. Always creating masterpieces for friends and doodling on her books, Ana didn’t pass her Art class.
With only enough money for one test, and the pressure to pick a suitable career mounting, Ana embarked on Language school, rather than Art School. And so she stopped painting.
It was not until 2010, after a life changing event, that Ana was forced to revert to her childhood of colors, shapes and strokes. Such a painful experience forced her to reinvent and recreate a world that was destroyed the pain of love. Abandoning her life in Amsterdam, she relocated to Bratislava. A bohemian city, that welcomed her and her dog, Ana suddenly began to feel the need to paint and explore again. Painting her sadness away, her first collection consisted mainly of black pieces. It wasn’t until a neighbour questioned her about this, that she decided it was time to inject and fill her empty space with colors and new experiences. Keeping this new found spirit alive, she travelled onto Hong Kong and painted a second collection. Encouraged and sponsored by an Art Jam Gallery, Ana was given an unlimited supply of paints, canvases and an atmosphere made up of
eccentrics, philosophers and cool types. Gradually building up a fan base and hearing phrases such as ‘’her personal style is unique’’ She quickly regained her confidence and freedom to just let go of her imagination and have fun with the brush. She stopped thinking and enjoyed every moment of every second...again she found herself traveling through her childhood dreamland. Her travels took her onto Vietnam, Sydney, New York, Buenos Aires and London again, before finally settling in Amsterdam; where she suddenly found herself reviving all those past emotions throughout her whole life... "Eternally in love I became a time traveller thanks to my art".