Ana Inigo Olea artwork

"The great ambition of women is to inspire love" Molière.

Born in the 70’s in a beautiful Spanish town, Salamanca. I travel around the world wherever the wind of inspiration blows, coming across moments that will stick to me. Whether it is a heartbreak, a glimpse to love or a coffee break, it all reminisces bits of my childhood days in which I pretended to be a ballerina or a lady playing the piano, I drank juices in fancy glasses and I played with lions and monkeys but, ultimately, the memory of the day I promised that little girl a wonderful life full of adventures.

The necessity of telling the story was strong and the only medium trusted was animation.

R.I.P. Diva is an homage to a past life and the new one. In 2010 Ana Iñigo Olea was representing a worldwide famous liqueur brand, Diva was her business tittle living up to it as she should until the day came that Diva... had to be let go in order for the new creature to be born and with her all the other companions: the little girl, a scared black cat, unicorns... all of them patiently waiting for the day to come when she would be ready to shape them up and allow them to become her guidance and guardians. And so it remains till... Today.