Ana Inigo Olea artwork

"The great ambition of women is to inspire love" Molière.

Born in the 70’s in a beautiful Spanish town, Salamanca. I travel around the world wherever the wind of inspiration blows, coming across moments that will stick to me. Whether it is a heartbreak, a glimpse to love or a coffee break, it all reminisces bits of my childhood days in which I pretended to be a ballerina or a lady playing the piano, I drank juices in fancy glasses and I played with lions and monkeys but, ultimately, the memory of the day I promised that little girl a wonderful life full of adventures.

Coming up february 2017

The pleasure is in the process, what a fun it is of course to get the pieces done and see all those colours spread around but hey... How much will I love to see the stand full of visitors and enjoy the fun of my little success ."Like Fish Out of Water" during Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea Town Hall London this Feb. 25-26. Free entry.

The Gibson

October 2016


The Gibson London

Exhibition at Gakuensai學園祭


Hong Kong

Exhibition at Nightcare's Jazzy Valentine 

14 February 2015

Dokhuis Gallery. Amsterdam

The Prince to my ballerina

21 December 2014

Museumplein. Amsterdam


Creative showcase

15 December 2014. Amsterdam

Coffee Break (met koekje erbij)

2 November 2014

Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek. Amsterdam

artwork catalogue on paper here

Grolsch 400

21 September 2014. NDSM. Amsterdam

First piece of two on the participation on 400 artist united for the celebration on 400 year anniversary from Grolsch.

Magneet Festival

22-24 August 2014. Amsterdam

"My Girl" at Nightcare event. Magneet festival. Amsterdam

Urban Wonderland

Amsterdam. 30 November 2013.

"You are the prince to my ballerina

You feed other people's parking meters

You encourage the eating of ice cream

And you will somersault in sand with me."

City Space showcase week

Moscow, Russia. March 2013

City Space Cocktail Bar. Moscow

Story of the Creative

New York, NY. July-Sept. 2013.

"Do you believe. In what you see

Motionless wheel. Nothing is real

Wasting my time. In the waiting line

Do you believe. In what you see."

Corrillo. Sala de exposiciones

Salamanca, Spain. Feb.- April 2013

Corrillo Exhibition Lounge

Door 74

Permanent exhibition since October 2013

"My baby don't care for shows

My baby don't care for clothes

My baby just cares for me"

Tales & Spirits

Permanent exhibition since November 2012

Lady of the House

Hugo Boss sponsored artwork atelier

Hong Kong. August 2011

"Seaking reality"

Lemontree exhibition

Bratislava. March 2011

Lemontree. Bratislava