Ana Inigo Olea artwork

"The great ambition of women is to inspire love" Molière.



 Moving forward aiming for the past, like almost everybody else. I travel around the world wherever the wind of inspiration blows coming across moments that, naturally, will stick in me. Whether it is a heartbreak, a glimpse to love or a coffee break, it all reminisces bits of my childhood days in which I pretended to be a ballerina or a lady playing the piano, I drank juices in fancy glasses and I played with lions and monkeys but, ultimately, the memory of the day I promised that little girl a wonderful life full of adventures.

Making anything with your hands is a fantastic fun. Giving a something like a fruit box or bits of fabric a second life or celebrating your bday everyday is even better than hot cocoa with freshly baked buns!! 

-"How can I get my hands on such wonderful sweet thing?!" You might wonder.

Candy store is open however feel welcome to get in touch before ordering. Contact form is at your service. 

Please bare in mind everything is handmade and takes a bit of  Tic-Tac time.

Pimp my Bike

Like ridders on the storm defeating what might come.

Hand sewed Quilt

Made by order. One at the time while sipping some wine. 

Bday cake cards

Cause everyday is someone's Bday.

They come in sweet packages (1 Bday Cake Card+4 Bday postcards)