Ana Inigo Olea artwork

"The great ambition of women is to inspire love" Molière.



 Moving forward aiming for the past, like almost everybody else. I travel around the world wherever the winds of inspiration blow, coming across moments that in an organic way will stick to me. Whether it is a heartbreak, a glimpse to love or a coffee break, it all reminisces bits of my childhood days in which I pretended to be a ballerina or a lady playing the piano, I drank juices in fancy glasses and I played with lions and monkeys but, ultimately, the memory of the day I promised that little girl a wonderful life full of adventures.

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Creative Home Visits

Creative Home Visits

Little Emka"s bedroom. Slovakia


Opening doors to wonderful worlds is one of our little secret INDULGENCEs 

Araceli's room

Araceli's room